Holistic Wellness for body, mind & energy

Holistic Wellness for body, mind & energy

Holistic Wellness for body, mind & energyHolistic Wellness for body, mind & energyHolistic Wellness for body, mind & energy



With over 20,000 hours of experience in guiding yoga, meditation, and holistic modalities; decades of study, practice, and thousands of hours in trainings; and a lifetime of personal experience, Erinn’s perspective is informed, intuitive and integrative. Originally from Maine, she currently resides in Scarsdale, NY, where she offers private sessions, workshops and retreats. Yoga, meditation, and holistic health are the pillars of her existence personally and her passion professionally.


 “Let’s do OGA, mama!”, was one of my first full sentences (couldn't pronounce the Y back then!). From my start on this planet in the late 1970s, holistic living is all I’ve known… it’s quite simply the way I exist.

Raised with yoga, meditation, and holistic healthcare, my first yoga postures were as yoga play in the forests and on the beaches of Maine. 

As an adult I developed a new relationship to yoga and holistic wellbeing following a series of traumatic crises through my late teens and early adulthood. Yoga, meditation, and holistic health therapies revitalized my life on every level. After a year of intensive daily yoga & meditation practice, my body healed and I heard my calling. 

My professional path officially shifted in 2005 when I gained certification in yoga instruction at Kripalu Center, the nation's largest institute of yoga training. 



Human Ecology —  the study of interrelationship between humans and the universal environment - is my degree and is also the scholastic and practical model for my professional view. It provides the science of the holistic model, the irrefutable fact that each unique human being is a miracle of complex chaos and multi-dimensional facets. It is futile to attempt health through only one approach, for example just the body, by adopting certain nutrition protocol or fitness regime. Nor can wellness be "achieved" through the mind alone, a recipe for meditation or endlessly reading through media posts on self-discovery. And the purely spiritual, ethereal tactic risks bypass of earthly realities. EACH of these aspects needs nurturing, evolution, and stewardship. These primary aspects of body, mind, and energy present in every human being can be integrated into a dynamic blend of co-existence. In the practices and process of integrating into dynamic existence, a person begins to experience their own concept of "wellness". In every session I guide, my intention is to accurately perceive, honor, and respond to the Human Ecology of the person I am working with, to support their individuated process of evolution into greater wellness.

anjali mudra meditation castle ruin scotland

The reverence of a castle ruin on Scotland's west coast moved me into meditation and chant.

SCOPE of qualification

Since my initial certification in 2005, professional development is a serious standard I maintain through ongoing training and certifications. My purpose in continuing education is not to accrue a library of certificates, but rather to expand the repertoire of capacities to serve my clients. 

Ongoing studies in the yogic realm include restorative, yin, biomechanical function, physiology & anatomy, hot hatha, and vinyasa. Currently completing a new, advanced credential of RYT1000 professional yoga certification at Kripalu Center. Although I already have well over 1,000 hours of yoga training, this is the first cohesive program composite of that amount of time, and it is one of the most advanced, extensive yoga certificates available at this time. 

Meditation studies and practices include Mindfulness with David Nichtern, Vedic, Mala, Japa, Mantra, walking, pranayama, guided visualization, ceremony & ritual, Rune, and nature bathing; certification is in Mindfulness Meditation. My lifelong personal practices are in spiritual ritual & sacred ceremony,  nature bathing, and breath-based visualization. 

Erinn in chakrasana, East End Harbor, Portland Maine

Radiant sun on Sunday morning in Maine moved me into Chakrasana. My heart and energexpands in Maine!

In the realm of holistic health modalities, I focus on Craniosacral, nutrition, and energy work. In 2013, I earned certification in Craniosacral Therapy from the Upledger Institute. Nutrition studies started in college; in 2006 I created a program for coaching clients called "Body Synergy"; my Holistic Health Coach certification is through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in NYC, the global leader in holistic nutrition coach training. The most unique and sacred source of my education is in mentorship and private tutorial in Body Energy Work and Spatial Energy Work with Marilee Marrinan, master holistic health therapist and my mother. That powerful, hands-on learning is ongoing over decades. A newer addition to energy work certification is Reiki, under renowned master Libby Barnett. Sound healing is a modality I integrate into both workshops and private sessions, using quartz crystal bowls and other sound-healing instruments.

crystal in sunlight

This power crystal was part of my Spatial Energy Work at a hedge fund headquarters  in Hudson Yards,

A day in the life

Client Sessions & Student Workshops

Above all, my greatest source of inspiration and most profound teachers are the students and I clients I’m blessed to share these practices with every day. I conduct approximately 30 sessions every week. The majority of my sessions are with men, ages 45-65, who are in high-profile careers. The balance of my clientele is comprised of women who are mothers and professionals, and a few young adults or teens. Most sessions integrate multiple modalities, although some are purely focused on one modality only, such as yoga or Craniosacral. 

In order to bring my offerings to a larger audience, I am affiliated with a few select studios in Westchester, NY and in southern Maine. I lead workshops and special classes on themes such as Sound Bath with Restorative Yoga, Biomechanic Principles of Asana, Freestyle Meditation, and many others in the realms of yoga and meditation.

workshop group

Guiding a group of eager learners in Mindfulness Meditation at a studio in Chappaqua, NY.

Business Consulting

In 2012, I established Synergy Consulting, providing consultative services to studio owners. The yoga, meditation, and holistic health industries have very specific cultures, and to create success in these industries, sensibility to client sensitivity is imperative. There is a language of communication, a method of communication, and a business model which does not comply or conform to traditional models. My goal is to provide insights and solutions to small business owners who are navigating the ever-shifting sands of the modern American consumer of yoga, meditation, and holistic health.

Drawing upon two decades of client-driven professional work, experience of founding and directing my own holistic health and yoga center, and in upper level management positions in top companies in NYC, I provide uniquely balanced perspectives on both the linear and the abstract elements of navigating business in the wellness industry. 


Heading out for a business consultation meeting.